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Personal Coaching, Northallerton and North Yorkshire.

Coaching with Annette.

I specialise in helping women triumph over adversity, moving from potential life crisis to feeling much more in control. Remember, if you are not happy with your current circumstances they DO NOT dictate your future, this means you can leave it exactly where it belongs firmly in the past and change your destiny.

A strong connection with women’s issues has led me to focus on working with those whose lives have been affected by personal crisis in one form or another. Are you like many woman maybe just feeling like somethings missing, trying to juggle several balls in the air or attempting to be all things to all people? Believe me when that doesn’t work and you begin to feel stressed it can affect all areas of  your life from health and career to self confidence and relationships.

My purpose is to help women believe in their own unique abilities providing them with a safe sounding board to tap into and acquire inner confidence and empowerment to live the life they choose.

My personal passions are working with and empowering women, writing, health & well-being, exercise, cooking, music, appearing on radio, family, animals and laughter.


I am happy to coach you face to face or wherever you live by phone,Skype and email.

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